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Multi-purpose, high sensitivity IR cameras

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article image Provides users with a powerful resolution.

CEDIP Infrared Systems, represented in Australia by Applied Infrared Sensing , have announced a new generation of its popular Jade infrared camera family. They are designed for the most demanding users of IR technology by providing the best available sensitivity, at the highest possible frame rate.

Key advances in the fourth generation Jade cameras include enhanced sensitivity (<20mK), faster frame rate and a new windowing mode. The frame rate can be changed with a step resolution of 1Hz up to 250Hz at full frame and up to 25,000Hz in sub arrays windowing mode.

Using high quantum efficiency, thermoelectrically cooled MCT and InSb focal plane array detectors together with the latest technology in imaging and processing electronics, enables the new Jade family to offer leading edge performance throughout the infrared spectrum - SWIR (0.8-2.5um), MWIR (3-5um) and LWIR (8-12um).

Operating at up to 250 frames per second at full image size (320 x 256), with output digitised over a complete 14-bit dynamic range, Jade cameras provide the resolution to clarify even the smallest area of defect or non-uniformity. Coupled with Cedips’s powerful, yet intuitive PC-based analysis and reporting software the new generation Jade family provides users with a powerful and cost effective investigative tool. A wide range of accessories and software tools and drivers enable ready use of the Jade camera by system integrators.

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