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Applied Infrared Sensing introduces REDSCAN anti graffiti system

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article image REDSCAN for Graffiti Prevention Applications

Applied Infrared Sensing  introduces a new anti graffiti system designed to prevent graffiti vandalism.  

Millions of dollars are spent annually for the removal of graffiti with several capital and regional cities having comprehensive anti-graffiti programs. Most anti-graffiti programs are designed around taking action in the post event period using soap, dangerous chemicals, water and muscle to clean up the vandalism.

Patrolling guards, lights, warning signs and sound alerts as well as special paint coatings are being used as solutions, but with limited results on their effectiveness.  

REDSCAN is a graffiti prevention system available from AIS, designed to prevent tagging and graffiti prior to any application being made to the protected surface. 

A thin band of laser is positioned close to the wall that needs to be protected. REDSCAN creates a thin layer of detection against the building wall where it will ignore any close passing traffic.  

When an offender is detected touching or painting a protected wall, the water spray is activated and the wall (and potentially the offender) will become wet, making graffiti application difficult due to the increasingly wet surface. The deterrent action of the water spray prevents graffiti vandals from damaging the property.

The REDSCAN anti graffiti system can be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle and has a detection range of 30m radius and 180 degrees for vertical detection area.

REDSCAN has four detection segments and will recognise the location of intrusion and activate four independent outputs for PTZ camera control. As a laser product with area mapping ability, the REDSCAN can accurately map the environment including any obstacles in the area of detection.  

When vertically mounted, the REDSCAN will follow uneven and undulating surfaces to produce uniform coverage.

AIS is an exclusive supplier of REDSCAN anti-graffiti system in Australia and New Zealand.

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