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AIS Introduces its Maritime Surveillance and VTS Solutions

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Applied Infrared Sensing  specialises in a range of cutting-edge surveillance solutions for the Australian and New Zealand markets.  

AIS introduces new state-of-the-art systems that combine maritime surveillance with VTS and AIS requirements, and include marine radars as well as long and short range surveillance cameras.  

TRITON (ATEX certified) is a unique hybrid radar and video sensor for automatic 24/7 surveillance of offshore platforms and port facilities.  

Developed by Pegase Systems (France) TRITON hybrid sensors allow automatic remote monitoring of water surface activities around offshore installations as well as facilities in ports and harbours.  

The radar can automatically detect and track any small boat within a 1000m radius and the video camera allows identification of the intruders detected by the radar.  

TRITON hybrid sensors and the long-range Poseidon series of marine radars can be easily connected and controlled by user-friendly FALCON software, which allows radar and video (or thermal imaging) images of targets to be broadcast and managed by a single operator from a control room.  

FALCON combines maritime surveillance and VTS functionality sufficient for medium-sized ports. The surveillance software can control new long range Active Range Gating CCTV cameras operating in complete darkness and in harsh conditions such as rain, fog and snow.  

The flagship product designed by Obzerv Technologies (Canada) is the ARGC-2400 surveillance camera, which has day/night 24/7 capability and allows recognition of targets up to 15km distance in total darkness, even enabling the user to read a boat’s name up to 6km at night.  

Conventional CCTV and thermal imaging cameras from AIS can also be integrated within Falcon and perfectly complement any maritime surveillance as well as VTS solution for medium-sized ports, harbours and offshore platforms.  

The latest in thermal imaging technology is the panoramic infrared camera, VIGISCAN, HGH Infrared Systems (France), which facilitates continuous 360° monitoring in total darkness in fog or smoke. These surveillance cameras can automatically detect and track man-size targets within a 3km radius day or night.

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