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Electronic repair services from Applied Electro Systems

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Applied Electro Systems  is an electrical contractor of industrial and general electronic repairs and has been operating in this business for the past 17years. Applied Electro Systems offers wide range of services including industrial electronic repair, hazardous area installation, commercial installation, industrial installation, data and communication and remote metering system.

Applied Electro Systems provides repair related services to industrial electronic, electronic equipment and instrumentation. Applied Electro Systems offers repair services to different manufacturing companies including Amcor fibre packaging, ACI glass packaging, Castlemaine perkins, Inghams enterprises, Collins restaurant management, Fisher and Paykel and Pauls.

Applied Electro Systems provides specialized training to employees involved in hazardous areas including LPG tank farm. Applied Electro Systems provides fuel service as well as storage facility for oil, grease, fuel and bitumen.

Applied Electro Systems provides remote metering systems which ensure automatic monitoring of utilities within a building including hot and cold ware, electricity, air conditioning and gas. The advantage of this unit is that it does not require manual meter reading.

Applied Electro Systems offers programmed maintenance for portable electrical equipment. Applied Electro Systems also provides installation, data communication and breakdown service.

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