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Single target gas monitoring system

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THE OdaTrak system from App-Tek International allows cost-effective continuous monitoring of a single target gas in very harsh environments.

Gases that can be detected include hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen.

The main application involves monitoring concentrations of H2S in wastewater treatment plants and collection systems where the 4 to 20mA output can be used to optimise chemical dosing. This is done to control problem odours and prevent or slow corrosion in plant assets and collection lines.

Due to the harsh environment that gas detectors are exposed to in typical wastewater applications they tend to suffer reliability problems.

By using a fibre optic data transfer system, the OdaLog Logger gas detection head is able to be fully and reliably sealed against liquid ingress as well as avoid the complications of having to pass an electrical signal through hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

By designing a cylindrical body App-Tek was able to utilise O-ring seals to prevent water and dust entering the electronics of the instrument (previous gas detectors were basically of a rectangular prism shape which is much harder to effectively seal).

By using clear material in the mould the company was able to see through the case to observe the LCD screen as well as to observe any water or dust build up if by some chance a seal fails or condensation occurs (previous gas detectors use coloured plastic or metal cases that have nil see through visibility).

By using the clear case App-Tek could use an infra-red link mounted on the PCB to transmit logged data through the case to a receiver connected to a PC (previous gas detectors used physical "plug-in" fittings which have the potential to allow dust and water to enter).

By building in a sturdy stainless fitting to the top cap and vertically mounting the sensor in the bottom cap the OdaLog sensor is protected from water sprays, mist and condensation.

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