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Occupational health vibration monitor

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QUEST Technologies, represented by App-Tek Safety , has introduced the new HAVPro personal human vibration monitor.

This compact, lightweight and powerful new instrument monitors human exposure to vibration from power tools, machinery and many other workplace sources.

Interest is growing around the world in the measurement and analysis of human exposure to occupational vibration.

Hand and arm vibration is commonly associated with risks such as vascular, bone and joint, neurological, and muscular disorders while whole body vibration exposure entails risks to the whole person and in particular lower-back morbidity and trauma of the spine.

The HAVPro now provides the capabilities for the industrial hygiene and safety communities to monitor worker exposures associated with these risks and manage the data needed to develop solutions to protect them from injury.

The HAVPro conforms to the requirements of the latest human vibration measurement standards.

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