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Aplus Technology releases DDR2-667 fully buffered DIMM memory modules

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article image Aplus 1GB FB- Dimm Modules

Aplus Technology has introduced fully tested and fully approved, DDR2-667 fully buffered DIMM (FB-Dimm) ECC memory.

DDR2-667 FB-Dimm (fully buffered dual inline memory module) is a new generation memory technology, which combines high-speed DDR2 memory with a new point-to-point serial memory architecture designed by Aplus Technology for the new Apple Mac Pro.

FB- Dimm relies heavily on effective heat spreaders, which will ensure optimal performance, with no risk of overheating or excessive noise, which may cause damage to the Mac Pro.

Specific extra thick heat sink spreaders, which have already been approved and accepted by Apple have been used by Aplus Technology for their FB Dimm Modules.

It is recommended by engineers that maximum memory performance temperatures should stay below 70 degrees Celsius, when operating the Mac Pro. Using memory besides Aplus’ FB- dimm DDR2-667 may cause the memory to have a shorter life span, faults and damage, which as a consequence may affect the Mac Pro by causing unstable performance and also creating unstable components in the computer.

As is evident in the table, the fully buffered dimm(FB-Dimm) modules manufactured by Aplus Technology are able to withhold the least amount of temperature.

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