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Apacer’s high quality SATA SSD chosen for IBASE multi-touch bedside terminal

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article image The BST-1850 multi-touch bedside terminal features Apacer’s SSD

A high quality SATA SSD from Apacer Technology was selected by IBASE Technology for its multi-touch bedside terminal product.
IBASE Technology launched the BST-1850 multi-touch bedside terminal in 2012 as an advanced patient-oriented bedside healthcare system that can seamlessly integrate medical resources and healthcare functions. Designed to dramatically improve the quality of hospital services, the BST-1850 is a highly compact and fully functional device that enables physicians and nursing staff – based on their authorisation levels – to access the hospital database for data such as medical records and X-ray images when performing diagnosis and regular ward rounds. The bedside terminal also provides patients with services including Internet, games, music, films and email. BST-1850 is equipped with both medical and care functions.
Given the medical application, the equipment’s requirements for hardware and relevant safety compliance certification are significantly different from those in the traditional field of industrial control. For instance, traditional hard drives used as a storage device would make low-frequency noises, which were exceptionally audible in a quiet ward, leaving patients emotionally disturbed. In addition, the constant running of the healthcare system often led to overheating that broke down traditional hard drives.
A semiconductor-structured SSD solves all the material defects of the previous system by eliminating annoying noises while offering the endurance to operate stably under industrial extended temperatures (-40°C ~ 85°C) for a long time. Jackson Mao, the Project Product Dept. Director of IBASE Technology explains that they have designed a very rigorous testing environment at the storage end such as long-term operation under extended temperatures and strong shock simulation for the BST-1850 to surpass similar products in the market in terms of stability. Following a series of tests for most products in the market, Apacer’s SAFD 25P stood out from the competition by virtue of its excellent performance and product stability.
Jackson Mao specifically mentions Apacer’s service capability in terms of customising a solution for the BST-1850.
According to Jeff Lin, the Value-added Business Unit Director of Apacer, the company has developed a technical team with rich experience in special applications based on years of efforts put in the vertical application market of customisation.
The practices of Apacer in after-sales services, especially the long-term stock up service, will support IBASE Technology in its future production. Since the product life of the multi-touch bedside terminal is at least 5-10 years, focus shall be placed on the warranty and maintenance of the system. To avoid the predicament of the whole system shutting down due to the lack of spares when a single component and part fails, Apacer provides guarantee for long-term supply, and highlights that the firmware and major components of all the products can be fixed upon customers’ recognition and verification. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues, ensuring stable supply and high reliability for customers.

Meanwhile, in case of any production halt of the products of the original part number, Apacer will notify its customers six months in advance to stock up sufficient goods beforehand, so as to avoid the temporary stock out.

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