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Apacer rolls out new product lines and showcase industrial SSD solutions at Computex Taipei 2013

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World-leading storage memory manufacturer Apacer Technology is rolling out a series of application innovative products and also exhibiting innovative themes of industrial SSD solutions at the ongoing Computex Taipei 2013.
Apacer’s three new product lines of Embedded Products, Computer-related Products and Mobile Peripherals of the Digital Storage Application Business Division and Digital Life Application Business Division’s newly created Cloud platform, feature the five highlights of high-speed operation, safety and stability, strong protection, chic design and link & integration, enabling consumers to experience its leading innovative achievements in the industry.
Apacer is also exhibiting six extra innovative themes of industrial SSD solutions and practical applications to fully showcase Apacer’s strength as an industry market leader. The themes showcase an interlinked real-time mobile monitoring device app, a waterproof SSD that can be fully submerged, a high speed SATA 3 SSD, an SSD designed at only 5mm thickness, as well as the launch of smart power data protection safety and CoreSecurity technology.
Apacer officially launched new products at Computex Taipei 2013, comprising of super colourful USBs, mobile peripheral products, and the JoiiUp Cloud platform.
Apacer’s products are to present five highlights in Computex Taipei 2013
Highlight 1: High-speed Operation

Apacer is exclusively exhibiting the Dual Drive SSDs with SATA 3 for industrial use, which has a reading speed that can exceed 1,000MB/sec, challenging the highest speed of SATA 3 in the whole venue. Apacer also launched the super-speed DDR3 over-clocking memory series, Thunderbird to fulfil the professional e-sports player’s dreams of pursuing high speed. A DDR3 3200 MHz super-speed over-clocking memory is also on display at the exhibition.
Highlight 2: Safety and Stability

Apacer’s new industrial SSDs featuring (CoreSecurity Technology) special security directives, with three different functions such as (CoreEraser) to delete, (Core Destroyer) to destroy files and (CoreProtector) for file protection, address requests for information safety features. Through an exclusive firmware design that improves security levels, the overall storage stability will also be increased. Furthermore, the launch of smart power data protection technology will ensure overall data integrity. Apacer also rolled out wide-temp high-end industrial memories with different sizes and voltages to satisfy varying needs for safety and stability.
Highlight 3: Strong Protection

Apacer utilises Nano coating and moulding technology to overcome applications in different extreme environments and create a high standard of industrial SSDs that have been IP57 certified for waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion protection. The SSD range can be fully submerged in water while still remaining fully functional. Apacer also launched an industry-leading real-time mobile device monitoring app that will allow users to use their smartphones and tablets to check-up on the status of their SSD.
Highlight 4: Chic Design

Apacer launched a brand new series of its over-clocking, colourful chic designed mobile flash drives featuring cute animal and candy designs. Apacer’s Nature Series of USB flash drives includes AH135 (Forest Fairy), AH153 and AH137 (Bamboo Man) and AH111 (Blue Rose Spirit). Apacer also launched colourful Armor over-clocking memory modules to fulfil the needs of colour coordination on motherboards. The Thunderbird series will be rolled out later this year to reflect the professional player’s ‘perfectionist’ attitude.
Highlight 5: Link & Integration

By introducing high-speed memory cards, mobile flash drives, mobile external chargers, and mobile transfer lines and other peripheral products, Apacer wants to fulfil the diversification of consumers and integrate products into the daily lives of consumers. Apacer is also exhibiting digital life cloud-based service platforms during the Computex Taipei 2013, which will start the trend of integrated screens in the future.
World-renowned e-sports player Alexey White-Ra Krupnik performance match
Apacer has invited five-time Ukrainian e-sports world champion Alexey White-Ra Krupnik to visit Taiwan during Computex and play against professional players of Taiwan from the Termaltake Apollos in the StarCraft II performance match to demonstrate the super-speed strengths of Apacer’s over-clocking products.

The Computex Taipei 2013 exhibition is being held from Tuesday June 4, 2013 to Saturday June 8, 2013 at the Taipei World Trade Center - Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Apacer Technology is showcasing their products in Booth Number J0417a.

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