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Apacer presents 6 thematic trends with industrial SSD at Computex Taipei 2013

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One of the top ten PC SSD suppliers in the world, Apacer Technology is presenting six themes as it launches a new range of industrial SSD products at Computex Taipei 2013.
The six themes include Life & Endurance, Highest Speed, Protection, Data Integrity, Smaller, Thinner & Lighter, and CoreSecurity.
Apacer’s new products include a real-time SSD monitoring software combined with mobile/tablet app, which can immediately obtain core data such as the current block usage of SSD in the mobility cloud era, allowing managers to instantly understand the health status of solid state drives built into systems in all blocks.
Apacer will challenge the highest performance of SATA 3 SSD in the whole exhibition. Apacer will also launch the 5mm-thick SSD and ultra-small 16x20mm SSD-µSDC designed for use in mobile devices.
Apacer is currently exhibiting their new products in Booth No. J0417a at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei till Saturday June 8, 2013.
Six Themes of Prospective SSD

Life & Endurance

Apacer’s SSD monitoring software, SSDWidget combines mobile/tablet applications for the first time, enabling users to immediately understand the health status of solid state drives built in systems in all blocks, actively report the health alert, and eliminate the risk of damage. Apacer will also display a full line of SLC-lite products. Compared with the performance of MLC Flash, the lifetime is over 10 times longer, transmission speed is three times faster, and the products are available at less than half of the price of SLC Flash.
Highest Speed

Apacer responds to the needs of high-speed transmission and high-performance computing with a new series of SATA 3 SSDs featuring dual-drive solid disk drive, and CSD (Combo SATA Drive) adopting SAS transmission interface, with a read speed exceeding 1,000 MB/sec. It challenges the maximum speed of SATA 3 SSD at Computex this year.

Waterproof SSD, another breakthrough product from Apacer has passed the international protection IP57 certification and can be immersed in water. The SSD resists water, moisture, dust and corrosion using nano coating and moulding technology. With its ability to read, write and access even when immersed under water, the SSD meets the stringent needs of military vessels and aerospace in the field of defence.
Data Integrity

Apacer’s CorePower technology allows SSDs to immediately restore buffered data when the power is off to ensure data integrity, so that the system will not be damaged or the data compromised due to a sudden power failure.
Smaller, Thinner & Lighter

Apacer addresses new trends of tablet/smartphone and ultra-thin PCs with the launch of the 5mm-thick ultra-thin SFD 25A-M SSD, which is nearly 50% thinner than general SSDs, but has ultra large capacity of 256GB, providing excellent read/write speed and performance.
Apacer’s ultra-small 16x20mm SSD-µSDC complies with JEDEC MO-276 specification, offers a maximum sequential read/write speed of 510/195 MB/sec, and integrates components such as controller and flash in a single chip using a single ball grid array package (BGA) technology to break traditional size restrictions.

With the popularity of cloud services as well as the official launch of the Personal Information Protection Act, data safety has become an important issue. Apacer can drive the CoreSecurity technology through customised software and hardware design, and immediately execute functions of three different levels, CoreProtector, CoreEraser, and CoreDestroyer.
Suitable for industrial, defence and military fields, CoreSecurity technology can greatly improve data security protection, prevent data leakage, strengthen the reliability of storage devices and enhance the security mechanism of the whole system.

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