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Floor treatments, stair nosings and tactiles from Anti-Slip Solutions by TPMS

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Anti-Slip Solutions by TPMS  provides a range of services and products which helps to make the business or home safer and it specialises in floor treatments, stair nosings, treads and tactiles.

Floor treatments:-

Thousands of Australians are injured due to slips and falls every year. By having areas such as tiles, terrazzo, concrete and many more treated with a unique non-slip system helps to reduce the risk of injury.

The benefits are the surface is non-slip when wet; no change in appearance; no disruption to trade; no smell or toxic fumes; can be walked on immediately; and the cleaning process is unchanged.

The process involves three liquid solutions being applied to the area and then washed off, an area like a bathroom would take about 15 minutes to treat and can be used immediately. This unique system is ideal for homes, shops, fitness centres, retirement homes, health and aged care facilities, community and recreational complexes.

Stair nosings & treads:-

Stairs can be made safe with anti-slip nosing and rubber treads, self adhesive non-slip tape in a range of colours and glow in the dark. Rubber tiles are great for reducing noise, fatigue and are soft under foot. They are non-slip and ideal for play areas; gymnasiums; pool areas; patios; walkway and change rooms and are available in a range of colours.


TPMS Anti-Slip Solutions proivdes the tactiles that can be installed and walked on immediately. The tactiles are designed with a special surface that enables them to adhere instantly. Interior applications do not require any other fixing, screwing or securing devices to ensure they remain firmly in place. The tactiles will not peel, lift, chip, crack or slip once they are correctly installed and they fully comply with Australian standards.

The tactiles can be applied as widely as needed and wherever indicators are required for the vision impaired. This includes bus stops; car parks; crossings; kerbs; steps; entrances; intersections; pram ramps; stairways; escalators; ramps; fire escapes; walkways; hazards adjacent to a path and indication of changes of direction.

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