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Thin gauge metal pin welder

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article image Pins can be welded to thin-gauge metal with no reverse side marking.

EPITECH Products has released the Arcfix PW 500 pin welder, designed to weld 0.105 insulation mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum pins, with typical applications including air conditioning ductwork and refrigeration units.

It welds up to 20 mild steel and stainless steel pins a minute, operating on 240V ac power. The capacitor discharge process enables pins to be welded to thin gauge metal with no reverse side marking. The controls and connections are designed for fast set and ease of use, especially on job sites.

The PW 500 has solid-state components and a 16A circuit breaker offering circuit protection and providing a longer working life. The unit also incorporates high grade welding capacitors assuring consistent weld quality, as well as stepless weld voltage control. This feature gives the pin welder a fine voltage selection for various base and pin materials.

The modular construction provides durability and easy maintenance and weighs 27kg. The unit has two handles enabling the operator to move the unit around job sites. The weld gun is made from impact-resistant, glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate and the unit comes complete with 7m of gun cable and 4m of earth cable.

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