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Stud Welding Solutions for Steel Construction from Antec Engineering

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Epitech Products T/as Antec Engineering  offers a range of stud welding machinery and high quality studs in addition to technical help and advice for construction environments.  

Composite steel construction combines the positive features of both steel construction and structural concrete. A steel skeleton structure is combined with concrete to create a composite effect.  

Stud welded shear connectors provide structural integrity between the steel and the concrete.  

Key benefits of composite steel construction include:

  • Longer spans with few columns
  • Building extensions and modifications are simplified
  • No formwork is required enabling tradesman to begin fit-outs earlier
  • Fabrication occurs offsite, reducing downtime caused by bad weather
  • Reduced onsite workforce and ability to provide a flow of trades work lower congestion onsite
  • Fast assembly times

Headed shear connectors are used as essential components in composite beam design and construction.  

Antec’s shear connectors are manufactured to stringent quality standards and have been certified by a NATA approved testing lab to meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 1554.2. The shear connectors are applied using an arc stud welding method.  

Arc stud welding occurs when the stud is arc welded onto a stainless or mild steel plate. The arc is ignited between the stud and steel, which melt and then join. As a result, an even joint is achieved with a strength that is above the strength of the stud and base material.  

A key benefit of stud welding is that it is much quicker than conventional drilling and tapping, with the weld times for shear connectors being about 0.9-1.2 seconds per stud.  

Composite steel construction using arc stud welding provides contractors with many benefits over traditional construction methods.

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