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Reed Concrete Pumps and Gunite Pumps Available from Antec Engineering

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Reed’s range of quality gunite, shotcreting and concrete pumps is exclusively distributed by Antec Engineering in Australia.  

Gunite pumps, shotcreting pumps and concrete pumps can mix, pump and spray most pre-blended cementitious construction materials for a huge range of applications.  

Reed’s concrete, shotcrete and gunite pumps offer the most reliable performance on the most demanding of sites:

  • Can handle a range of materials from harsh pea gravel mixes to big rock concrete
  • Wide range of horsepower, pressure and volume combinations
  • Super heavy duty steel frames
  • Weatherproof engines and frames built to thrive in extreme conditions
  • Smart, simple designs for user-friendly operation and maintenance
  • Industry-leading safety features to protect workers and machinery

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps  

A Series

Reed A Series Rockmaster pumps are trailer-mounted concrete pumps that deliver superior long term value for money with their toughness, ease of use, durability and reliability.  

B Series

Open-loop hydraulic systems feature on the B Series trailer-mounted concrete pumps. Available in a variety of output and pressure ranges, these concrete pumps are suitable for any application. Additionally, the powerful Cummins diesel engines offer quieter and more efficient operation.  

C Series

Featuring Boom Pump technology, these top-of-the-line trailer pumps have superior engineering, premium technology and top quality components, which make them one of the most reliable pumps on the market.  

Gunite Machines

The Reed LOVA gunite machine provides a very even flow of material, which allows uniform hydration and smooth placement. The adjustable output of the material may be increased without sacrificing the quality of the application.  

The SOVA dry mix gunite machine offers a compact design with the same basic operating principle as the LOVA gun.

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