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Pre-Treatment Fireproofing Solutions from KBS

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KBS, distributed in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Antec Engineering is the proven solution in passive fire protection.

KBS passive fireproofing solutions help to save lives and business assets by stopping fires in their tracks.

The majority of fires in production facilities and warehouses are generally spread through electrical cables or PVC piping systems.

Pre-treatment with KBS fire stopping, fire retarding and fireproofing solutions ensures that fires are stopped before they cause major damage and destruction.

KBS specialises in the manufacture of highly effective, quality assured passive fire protection products with a full range of fireproofing solutions available for all industries and requirements.

KBS Industrial Coating is a water-based ablative fireproofing material developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and penetration seals.

Easy to apply via spray and brush, KBS Industrial Coating prevents flames from spreading along both vertical and horizontal cable ways.

KBS Caulking is a sealant used to seal electrical cables, plastic, steel and copper pipes that penetrate fire-rated walls and floors.

KBS Fir-A-Flex offers fire protection for linear gaps in walls and ceilings.

KBS Mortar Seal is a dry mortar mix with controlled swelling effect to provide a non-shrinking, homogenous and smoke/ gas-tight fire seal for cable penetration.

KBS Panel Seal is combined with fire retardants to create a fire-resistant closing to suit any size of opening in walls or floors, providing a smoke and gas-tight seal around all penetrating utilities such as cables, cable trays, pipes and ducts.

KBS Pipe Seal consists of a round steel casing, supplied in two halves with a heat-expanding intumescent inner shell, which prevents heat, smoke or gas from penetrating the plastic pipes.

KBS Sealbags are tightly woven, durable fibre-glass cloth sealbags filled with a combination of mineral fibres, expansion agents and fire retardant additives.

Under heat exposure, the bags first seal together, then expand to block any holes and finally harden into a solid block. These fireproofing solutions are ideal for areas that may require additional cables at a later date.

Over 200 tests conducted to international standards verify that KBS Passive Fireproofing Coating (KBS Coating) as well as other KBS fire stopping and fireproofing products are approved for their intended use and assure performance for many years under any condition.

All KBS fireproofing and fire stopping products are manufactured to the requirements of the Quality Assurance System DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

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