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KBS Seal Bags are now available from Antec Engineering

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KBS Seal Bags, available from Antec Engineering , are designed to be installed in cable penetration seals, and applications where regular retrofitting of new cables is expected or where dust-free penetration seals are required. KBS Seal bags are manufactured as pillows that consist of tightly woven, durable fibre glass cloth, packed with a mix of incombustible components, mineral fibres, water-insoluble expansion agents and fire retardant additives. They are weather resistant and maintain their effectiveness in most temperatures and weather conditions.

Key features and conditions of the KBS Seal Bags include:

  • Contain no asbestos or toxic substances
  • ‘Dustproof’ for use in telephone exchanges, computer rooms, etc.
  • High electric resistance and are not current conductive
  • Tested internationally    

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