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Heavy duty arc stud welder

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EPITECH Products has announced the release of the new Pro Weld ARC - 3000 heavy duty arc stud welding machine, capable of welding 20mm threaded arc studs, 19mm through deck, and 22mm shear connectors.

The ARC - 3000 is a fully regulated stud welding power supply that is available in a single or dual gun version, designed to complement the ARCFIX range of Australian made shear connectors and threaded arc studs.

Both versions have the constant output feature that allows the unit to be used as a power source that can operate external stud welding control units.

An added feature in the ARC - 3000 is the ability to dial in the desired weld time and weld current before even making a weld. After selecting the set up mode, the weld time and current can be adjusted if required and displayed on the front panel digital meters.

A specially designed electronic gun control circuit has been incorporated into the system. If a fault condition occurs due to a shorted gun solenoid or a faulty control cable, the circuit will prevent the gun retriggering, eliminating damage to the important printed circuit boards.

There is also a built in chuck saver adding life to consumables.

The ARC - 3000 is capable of welding from 6mm to 22mm studs with preciseness and repeatability and comes with a dampened heavy-duty gun.

Epitech also offers 12 months warranty on the printed circuit boards and 3 months on the machine which comes with 25ft of earth cable and 50ft of combination cable.

The ARC - 3000 is supported by a full range of spare parts off the shelf plus a fully maintained trouble shooting repair and maintenance service shop, with a fully trained stud-welding technician.

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