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Hauff Technik’s sealing systems avoid damage caused by flawed sealing methods

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Sealing systems from Hauff Technik can prevent the typical damage that results from the use of flawed and low-priced sealing methods.

Penetrations in substations and basement facilities must be sealed correctly to save thousands of dollars in future repair and maintenance work. Low-priced sealing materials such as foam, mortar and Sealbags do not guarantee a secure seal, and can lead to high repair and maintenance costs in the future.

Damage caused by rodents such as rats, mice and rabbits that gain entry into critical areas of operation can result in significant repair costs. Not only can these pests attack electrical wiring, they can damage low-cost sealing systems such as foam and Sealbags leaving the facility exposed to additional hazards such as water and gas leaks.

This is no more evident than recent claims by the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant who found that the possible cause of an extended blackout, which ‘disabled vital cooling systems’ was a rat found inside a faulty switchboard.

Hauff Technik’s sealing systems provide all-round permanent protection against water, dirt, sand, gas and vermin. They also allow for retrofitting and changing of cables and pipes. Hauff Technik sealing systems are ideal for substations as well as various electrical, sanitary, heating and air conditioning installations.

Hauff Technik’s sealing systems are available from Antec Engineering .

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