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Epitech Products stress importance of composite beam and metal deck construction

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article image Cross section of a true composite beam

Composite beam construction, without the use of metal decking, is superior to slab-on-beam construction. Composite beam design reduces steel weight. Live load deflection is reduced because of the concrete’s mass and thickness and the steel beam’s depth. Overall building height can be reduced because the beams are shallower – saving on heating, air conditioning and exterior and interior wall costs. Epitech Products discuss the advantages of composite beam and metal deck construction.

Longer spans can be used with fewer columns, beams and connections. The results are larger rooms, more useable bay area and flexible floor plans. The structure goes up faster; fabrication costs come down. These benefits are attainable when one uses metal deck ore through-deck welding. However, better composite beam construction can be achieved when metal deck and ARCFIX through-deck welding are used.

Customers do not have to erect wood forms then strip them away, then re-erect them. The metal deck, which provides a permanent form for the concrete, can also incorporate cellular sections for electrical cables. Ceilings are easier to hang.

The metal deck provides restraint for supporting members, stiffening the structure and giving better load distribution. The deck minimises deflection, reducing the amount of concrete needed. The concrete, itself, is better because the steel retains hydration needed for proper curing, resulting in fewer cracks and easier inspection.

The metal deck provides a stable platform for workmen of all trades. The metal deck also eliminates a major construction problem – fire in the forms and shoring. Insurance rates are usually lower.

These are typical benefits one can look for in composite beam/weld-through metal deck construction. Actual savings will vary with the job.

Stud welding sheer connectors transfer horizontal shear from slab to beam for maximum strength and load-bearing capacity. With most systems, the metal deck provides a positive bone because of the ‘keying’ of the concrete with the deck ribs. Accordingly, the deck itself can replace all or part of the bottom layer of reinforcing steel, for further economy.

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