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Antec brings Blasch Ceramics to Australia

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In an exclusive agency agreement, Antec Engineering has partnered with Blasch Precision Ceramics (USA), manufacturers of net shape ceramic and refractory components for the distribution of its products in Australia.

The Blasch process is a unique, proprietary forming method developed to produce net shape and near-net shape ceramic parts and refractory components.

It offers technically advanced industrial ceramics including alumina, silicon carbide, fused silica, mullite, zirconia and aluminium titanate for many industries including aluminium and red metal, mining, industrial process heating, petrochemical and chemical, power generation, speciality alloy, steel, air purification as well as powder metal industries.

The production method used by Blasch allows for the precise control of dimensional tolerances and the manufacture of complex shapes with no need for machining.

Additionally, parts have excellent resistance to infiltration due to micro porosity, with average pore diameters equalling 5µm. Many of the products produced by Blasch have complex shapes that cannot be produced with existing ceramic technology.

A major part of Blasch’s products are designed for applications in secondary and primary metal production, with maximum use in molten metal containment and flow control.

Products include crucibles for lining induction furnaces, ferrules for waste heat boilers and riser/fill/stalk tubes for low pressure die casting.

Also available are nozzles, rods, catalyst products and diffusers. All of these products are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes based on the particular needs of the application.

Blasch manufactures several products that cannot be produced by conventional forming methods. These products include: 

  • Segmented crucibles for lining induction furnaces: The Blasch product withstands vigorous thermal cycling far better than other monolithic crucibles or rammed linings resulting in longer service life.
  • Hex head ferrules are used to provide protection to the inlet ends of shell and tube exchangers in applications where high temperatures or corrosive materials are processed. Blasch ferrules are designed to be used without cast and placed between the tube ends.
  • Riser/ Fill/ Stalk tubes for low pressure die casting: The Blasch product has a smaller pore size for better bubble distribution resulting in more efficient degassing of molten aluminium. Additionally, precise fits between the riser tube and the mould reduce or eliminate scrapped production due to leaking at the mould/ tube interface.

Antec and Blasch can also assist businesses with technical specifications, planning and drawings.

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