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article image Capacities of 125kg and 160kg.

COMPARED with the traditional handling devices, such as hoists and pneumatic manipulators, the Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) by Scaglia provide many advantages.

Available from Ansir Systems , they allow for accurate and rapid movements, unlike traditional handling devices that can overtravel, bounce and require lots of little corrective movements which, when added to cycle time, reduce productivity.

Advantages of IADs include:

• Improved ergonomics. Thanks to the microprocessor-based control, the system recognises the operator's intentions and supplies energy to win inertia both during acceleration and braking. IADs react to every minimum impulse by the operator much more quickly than the traditional pneumatic manipulators.

• Speed. IADs respond swiftly, yet smoothly to human touch, winning inertia both during acceleration and braking, amplifying operator movements. The operator notices no time lapse between the machine's sensing and its response. IADS are not affected by the technological limitations of the traditional air manipulators and hoists, thanks to modern digital drives and servomotors.

• Intuitive control. IAD systems compared with the conventional balancers which are preset for one or two weights, get automatically and instantly adjusted to the weight of the load, thus allowing the handling of loads of varying weights without having the operator reset the system each time. Moreover, thanks to digital technology, IADs can save the value of the load weight to allow direct handling ('float mode' or 'hands on the load' control) with no need to use handles or to press buttons.

• Handiness. Traditional handling devices require unwieldy and heavy lifting tools (end effectors) while IADs allow for light and compact lifting tools which ensure greater visibility during handling operations and easier moving and positioning of loads.

Thanks to the above mentioned features, IADs require far less applied force by the operator than traditional handling devices (air balancers, hoists, electric or pneumatic fixed speed lift devices) and are the only material handling solution to meet today's urgent needs for increased productivity, safety, and ergonomics.

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