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Ansell releases HyFlex gloves featuring new INTERCEPT cut resistance technology
24.04.2015 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has expanded its market-leading cut protection portfolio with the addition of a new suite of HyFlex gloves.
Ansell to acquire protective clothing manufacturer Microgard
07.04.2015 - Ansell Limited has announced its decision to acquire Microgard Ltd., a protective clothing manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom.
Innovative and versatile single use hand protection solutions
24.02.2015 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare announces the availability of Microflex single use gloves throughout Australasia and China.
Ansell launches single-use gloves
23.02.2015 - Ansell is expanding its market for Microflex single-use gloves by introducing the portfolio throughout Australasia and China.
M&E NSW 2014 Preview: Multipurpose gloves
29.08.2014 - Ansell will showcase a range of multipurpose gloves featuring liquid repellence technology for hand protection and grip in a wide range of industries.
Ansell launches lightweight, oil repellent gloves
08.08.2014 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare introduces a new range of multipurpose gloves featuring liquid repellence technology.
New Ansell gloves protect hands against toxic degreasers, provide more grip
28.07.2014 - Ansell offers a range of industrial gloves designed specifically to offer high chemical resistance and excellent grip while handling oil and lubricants.
Ansell launches new nitrile glove series for chemical applications
19.11.2013 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has introduced two new nitrile gloves designed to protect hands against exposure to bases, oils, fuels, solvents and esters.
Ansell Industrial Healthcare visits National Manufacturing Week 2012 [VIDEO]
09.08.2013 - Head of Marketing, Industrial and New Verticals Mitchell Mackey talks to about the extensive range of industrial hand protection solutions available from Ansell.
HyFlex 11-518 high cut resistant gloves
24.09.2012 - ANSELL Industrial Healthcare has released the HyFlex 11-518 protective gloves with high cut resistance.
Ansell rolls out new VersaTouch brand for the food industry gloves portfolio
07.09.2012 - The new VersaTouch brand of gloves from Ansell Industrial Healthcare is specifically designed to improve and protect food processing operations.
Ansell HyFlex 11-820 gloves for comfort and protection
07.08.2012 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare introduces the new HyFlex 11-820 gloves engineered to deliver both comfort and protection in multipurpose light duty mechanical applications.
New Ansell HyFlex 11-518 lightweight gloves with high cut resistance
29.06.2012 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has introduced a new range of lightweight gloves to its HyFlex range.
New range of construction specific hand safety gloves premiers at NMW 2012
09.05.2012 - Ansell showcased its latest construction gloves at National Manufacturing Week 2012.
Ansell supplies ActivArmr combat gloves for the Australian Defence Force
20.04.2012 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has been selected as the supplier of combat gloves by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
Ansell Sol-Vex gloves offer protection against epoxy resins
13.01.2012 - Glove permeation tests conducted by Ansell Industrial Healthcare in conjunction with an independent German laboratory found that Ansell Sol-Vex gloves offer high protection against epoxy resins.
New Ansell glove selection guide helps ensure worker safety
09.12.2011 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has introduced a comprehensive glove selection guide designed to assist industrial safety professionals with ensuring safety by equipping workers with the most appropriate
HyFlex gloves from Ansell reach historic milestone
24.11.2011 - With the sale of 500 million pairs of HyFlex industrial gloves, leading glove manufacturer, Ansell Industrial Healthcare has reached a historic milestone of protecting 1 billion hands.
Ansell ActivArmr electrician gloves
01.11.2011 - Ansell recently showcased its range of ActivArmr work gloves at the Safety Show. The electrician gloves are suitable for everything from wiring boxes to pulling cable.
New Ansell liner knitting technology for gloves encourages worker compliance
20.09.2011 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare has developed a new liner knitting technology for gloves with an aim to reduce hand fatigue and increase compliance among workers.
Ansell introduces PowerFlex 80-813 flame and cut resistant gloves
18.08.2011 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare introduces an innovative range of work gloves that combine high levels of flame resistance, cut protection, enhanced grip performance and comfort in an ergonomically-frien
Work gloves from Ansell Industrial Healthcare better than leather gloves
17.08.2011 - Ansell Industrial Healthcare presents a range of work gloves made from specially engineered yarns to provide significantly better cut protection, comfort and dexterity.
AlphaTec 58-270 Gloves from Ansell Industrial Healthcare
16.08.2011 - The AlphaTec 58-270 gloves, developed by Ansell Industrial Healthcare, provide the comfort, dexterity and non-slip protection required for a work glove.
HyFlex Grip 11-920 gloves available from Ansell
28.01.2009 - Ansell have developed the Ansell Grip technology that provides the ‘Gecko-like’ grip in adverse conditions. The ‘Gecko-like’ grip makes the difference between a sure hold or breakages and waste that results from the loss of grip.
AlphaTec chemical resistant gloves available from Ansell
27.01.2009 - Ansell offer a range of chemical resistant gloves and run value-add and information support initiatives such as the Ansell Chemsafe programme. Ansell Chemsafe provides the end user with critical chemical handling advice, support and information. Spec
ProFood Safe-Knit gloves available from Ansell
26.01.2009 - The proFood Safe-Knit, available from Ansell, is a part of the range of proFood disposable nitrile gloves. The proFood Safe-Knit is a medium weight cut resistant glove that is made with technologically advanced Dyneema yarn and other fibres.
Vantage range of cut resistant gloves available from Ansell
23.01.2009 - The Vantage range of cut resistant gloves are available from Ansell and deliver better protection without impeding on the flexibility and dexterity of the users’ hand movements.
HyFlex Dyneema 11-624 gloves available from Ansell
22.01.2009 - Ansell have undertaken a commitment to ensure company-wide compliance to ISO 14001, an internationally recognised standard that provides a model for streamlining environmental management and guidelines to ensure environmental issues are considered wi
Ansell launch HyFlex 11-435 water-based PU glove
21.01.2009 - Ansell have launched HyFlex 11-435, which is a cut resistant level 5 knitted dipped glove, coated with water-based PU. Using water instead of dimethylformamide (DMF) solvent in the manufacture of PU gloves or coatings increases the safety of both Ans
Ansell introduce HyFlex water-based polyurethane gloves
20.01.2009 - Ansell have introduced a multipurpose range of gloves with water-based polyurethane. These gloves are soft on the skin and provide better breathability.
Ansell manufacturing plants achieve ISO 14001 Certification
19.01.2009 - Ansell foster a strong commitment to sustainability and protection of the environment. Ansell demonstrate this commitment through measured performance in a range of key indicators.
Ansell introduces level 4 cut resistant glove
15.03.2007 - Ansell Healthcare is one of the world’s large manufacturers and marketers of protective gloves and apparel. The Occupational Healthcare division is launching HyFlex Dyneema 11-630, a level 4 cut resistant glove.
No sweat with new gloves
24.07.2006 - Rubber gloves are an uncomfortable accessory at best, and at worst can cause dermatitis due to excessive sweating.
Skin safety against pesticides
14.07.2006 - Pesticides can cause a range of skin diseases such as dermatitis, rashes and burns. Ansell have developed an interactive chemical handling website, Ansell Chemsafe, which confirms the most suitable glove for the chemical the user is handling, compris
Moisture-absorbing industrial gloves
26.06.2006 - ANSELL has introduced Aquadri, a unique patent pending sweat management system, and a technological breakthrough for industrial gloves. The first of a range of product variants to feature Aquadri is Virtex, a semi-disposable nitrile glove with an ult
Revolutionary "Wet-Grip" technology
17.05.2006 - ANSELL has launched AlphaTEC, featuring the revolutionary, new Ansell Grip Technology (AGT). AlphaTEC represents the new generation in chemical handling protection with new levels of comfort, flexibility, and thanks to AGT, outstanding grip performan
New range of ‘industry-friendly’ protective gloves
28.03.2006 - HYFLEX Foam Grey is the newest addition to the Ansell HyFlex glove family, offering a new colour variation of the popular HyFlex Foam. The HyFlex Foam Grey has a dark liner and palm coating to extend
Heat resistant gloves
17.03.2006 - BURNS are commonly caused by thermal risks, such as fire, water, hot objects or liquids and steam, and are often caused by electrical, chemical or radiation exposures. Knowing what protection is suitable for a particular hazard is fundamental.
Importance of PPE
06.03.2006 - COMMUNICATION and employee training are the keys to educate workers about the seriousness of workplace hazards and how wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can protect their welfare. Educationa
Cut-resistant 'ergonomic' gloves provide extra grip
01.09.2005 - THE first step to reducing hand injuries is to offer gloves that workers will wear, according to Ansell Ltd. In line with this philosophy, the glove giant will exhibit a range of 'ergonomic' safety gloves at The Safety Show, Sydney, from October 26-2
Revamped food hygiene apparel
17.08.2005 - ANSELL’S new disposable glove and apron range offers reliable hygiene, comfort and a fresh image. Ansell’s Foodsafe and Freshtouch range comes in modern new packaging to add a spark to the current foo
Moisturised disposable gloves
20.07.2005 - ANSELL has released FreshTouch+ disposable gloves, allowing users to maintain food hygiene standards while protecting skin from skin irritations and disease.
Cut-resistant gloves
27.05.2005 - ANSELL and DuPont has used the Intercept yarn to create a cut-resistant glove that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Threads of cotton, spandex, Kevlar and stainless steel are blended and weaved into a comfortable, firm fitting seamless liner
General purpose safety glove range
28.04.2005 - ANSELL's HyFlex general purpose glove range has expanded from the ground breaking HyFlex 11-800 Foam to contain a broad range of variants designed to meet the changing and increasingly diverse needs of the industrial workforce.
Palm protection for using power tools
14.02.2005 - ANSELL has released the full-finger VibraGuard with Gelfôm protection to reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a group of conditions caused by repeated exposure of the hands to vibration.
Gloves are on at Ansell
31.01.2005 - GLOVES of almost every description, including cut resistant, general purpose, food service, chemical resistant and specialty types will be demonstrated by Ansell at Safety In Action and Materials & Manual Handling.
Protective gloves for chemical handling
17.01.2005 - ANSELL produces a range of gloves designed to manage practically any chemical handling application. Sol-Vex is the cornerstone of the chemical-resistant glove range.
Safety glove range extended
11.12.2003 - ANSELL Healthcare’s HyFlex safety glove range has been extended to include a wider range of applications.
Cut-resistant protective gloves
14.02.2003 - ANSELL Occupational Healthcare division has announced the release of Ansell's latest cut-resistant glove - PowerFlex +. PowerFlex + provides cut, abrasion and puncture resistance, with wet and dry grip. The ergonomically designed seamless liner is st
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