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Moisture-absorbing industrial gloves

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article image Virtex nitrile glove with moisture control lining.

ANSELL has introduced Aquadri, a unique patent pending sweat management system, and a technological breakthrough for industrial gloves.

The first of a range of product variants to feature Aquadri is Virtex, a semi-disposable nitrile glove with an ultra-thin moisture control lining.

Providing the right glove for the right application has been a continuing challenge in industrial applications for many years. Sweaty hands and unpleasant odours are often-heard complaints associated with wearing gloves at work.

Typically, unsupported or unlined gloves used throughout all kinds of industrial applications can only be worn for relatively short periods before the amount of perspiration inside makes them uncomfortable to wear.

This not only has a negative impact on the morale and efficiency of the workforce, but perspiration is also known as one of the major causes of harmful and costly dermatitis.

Aquadri enables workers to keep their hands drier without the need for a thicker heavy weight liner. It consists of an ultra-thin, 0.025mm polymer composite coating that absorbs four times more moisture than standard cotton-flock gloves.

As a result, glove linings remain drier and more comfortable to wear for far longer periods.

Internal tests have shown that with the Aquadri lining, the perspiration saturation point is reached 60% more slowly than with traditional cotton flock lined gloves.

Superior sweat management means the wearer is more likely to wear gloves, thereby complying with safety recommendations and helping to reduce accidents and injury costs.

Virtex can be washed and dried up to three times without any loss of its moisture absorbing qualities, depending on the application.

Virtex is a semi-disposable nitrile glove that provides an efficient protective barrier against hydrocarbon-based chemicals oils and greases. Constructed with a thin, soft nitrile, the Virtex 79-900 is dexterous, flexible and features a raised palm texture for improved grip.

A particularly chemical resistant glove, Virtex is ideal for general handling and light assembly applications in the chemical, metal fabrication and automotive industries.

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