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Importance of PPE

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article image Ansell poster promoting the importance of PPE.

COMMUNICATION and employee training are the keys to educate workers about the seriousness of workplace hazards and how wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can protect their welfare.

Educational tools such as workplace posters can be a good reminder of the dangers in the workplace.

As leaders in healthcare barrier protection, Ansell has produced a set of workplace posters aimed at communicating the risk of not wearing gloves in common workplace situations.

All posters are graphically dramatic, presenting simple safety messages.

Two general handling posters communicate the risk of open wound injuries, which are the most common hand injuries in the industrial workforce (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, "National Health Survey: Injuries" 2001, Catalogue No. 4384.0).

The chemical handling poster presents a hand injured by chemical burns and includes SpecWare, Ansell's comprehensive chemical handling guide, listing over 160 chemicals and critical information that ensures safe glove selection.

The food handling poster demonstrates why it is vital to wear protection and simple steps to food hygiene.

Posters are available free of charge.

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