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HyFlex Grip 11-920 gloves available from Ansell

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Ansell  have developed the Ansell Grip technology that provides the ‘Gecko-like’ grip in adverse conditions. The ‘Gecko-like’ grip makes the difference between a sure hold or breakages and waste that results from the loss of grip.

The ‘wet grip’ technology acts similar to the way the tyre treads cut through water. The Ansell Grip technology repels oils and lubricants away from the pressure surface through microscopic channels in the coating.

The result is a contact area that remains dry and possesses the same grip as under fluid-free conditions.

The Ansell Grip technology provides a grip on objects coated with lubricants of differing viscosities. It is suitable for handling items coated with mineral oils, water-based lubricants or greasy coatings.

The Ansell Grip technology delivers better grip under wet or oily conditions. Laboratory testing and live studies demonstrate that the grip needed to hold a slippery object is lower for gloves incorporating the Ansell Grip technology. The Ansell Grip technology provides a better grip for heavier objects.

HyFlex Grip 11-920 is a part of the HyFlex range, which incorporates the Ansell Grip technology. Apart from providing a better grip and oil repellency, the HyFlex Grip 11-920 is ergonomically designed and maximises worker comfort and productivity.

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