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Ansell launches new nitrile glove series for chemical applications

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article image Ansell AlphaTec 58-335 nitrile glove

Global leader in protection solutions, Ansell Industrial Healthcare has introduced two new nitrile gloves designed to protect hands against exposure to bases, oils, fuels, solvents and esters in medium and heavy duty applications. 

The new AlphaTec nitrile gloves help to prevent hand injuries related to chemical hazards, while maximising worker comfort through a unique technology that absorbs moisture accumulated from prolonged glove use. The new AlphaTec 58-330 and 58-335 gloves are equipped with AquaDri, a moisture management technology that mimics a sponge, absorbing moisture 11 times more than a traditional cotton flocked glove. 

Scott Corriveau, President and General Manager of the Ansell Industrial Global Business Unit explains that hands are a worker’s most valuable tool; therefore Ansell prioritises both protection and comfort during the design of their gloves, especially for use in chemical applications. 

By combining the chemical protection of their AlphaTec gloves with their innovative AquaDri moisture absorption technology, Ansell has been able to address the worker’s primary source of discomfort caused by perspiration build-up inside the glove.

In a recent research, when asked to provide product feedback and suggestions for improvement, 57 percent of workers responded that better moisture control was critical in a chemical glove. Even in past research on the impact of perspiration while wearing chemical gloves, 61 percent of respondents explained it as ‘a significant problem’. 

Corresponding research suggests that workers are more inclined to remove their gloves entirely rather than wear gloves that are uncomfortable, which can be particularly hazardous when handling chemicals. While wearing gloves, if the worker’s hands become hot and sweaty, their first instinct is to remove the glove, exposing their hands to hazards such as chemicals, abrasive surfaces and sharp edges. The perspiration inside the glove can also lead to an unpleasant odour, forcing workers to dispose of their gloves or not use them at all. 

Ansell’s unique AquaDri technology creates an open celled foam structure and provides the benefits of a high-functioning sponge with unparalleled moisture absorption, yielding a superior glove that is more comfortable for the worker to wear in both wet and dry environments.

The new AlphaTec gloves are also the first in the Ansell line designed with the company’s innovative colour protection-level indicator. The colour scheme on the glove indicates the specific type of protection it provides, helping workers and managers effortlessly distinguish gloves for the desired task. 

AlphaTec gloves with AquaDri also feature a royal blue colour scheme to indicate the moisture management offered by the AquaDri technology. 

Both the AlphaTec 58-330 and AlphaTec 58-335 gloves feature a high-performance nitrile compound that offers superior puncture, snag and abrasion protection compared to the rubber and neoprene gloves currently on the market. A reversed lozenge palm finish for improved dry/wet grip and a foldable cuff gutter to prevent dripping on the forearm are additional features of the two new chemical gloves.

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