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Ansell introduce HyFlex water-based polyurethane gloves

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Ansell  have introduced a multipurpose range of gloves with water-based polyurethane. These gloves are soft on the skin and provide better breathability.

Using water instead of dimethylformamide solvent in the manufacture of polyurethane gloves increases the safety of Ansell workers. The water-based polyurethane HyFlex gloves are safe and environmentally-friendly.

Ansell polyurethane gloves are manufactured without employing potentially harmful solvents such as dimethylformamide. Instead, water is used as the carrying medium to infuse the polyurethane into the glove structure.

Dimethylformamide (DMF) is a solvent used in the chemical industry in many applications, as well as in the manufacturing of polyurethane gloves and related products.

The impact of DMF on humans is not completely known. However, toxicological studies using laboratory animals have aided scientists and regulatory bodies to recommend maximum allowable levels.

Scientific studies show that the DMF is a mild skin irritant and exhibits low dermal toxicity. Acute and chronic exposure to DMF may cause liver damage and other adverse health effects. When workers wear Ansell DMF-free polyurethane gloves, their risk of exposure to DMF is minimum.

HyFlex water-based polyurethane gloves are tough enough to prevent breakthroughs. As there is no penetration of polyurethane inside the glove it remains softer on the skin with no discomfort or risk of skin irritation caused by contact with polyurethane.

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