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Ansell Sol-Vex gloves offer protection against epoxy resins

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article image Ansell Sol-Vex gloves protect the skin against epoxy resins

Glove permeation tests conducted by Ansell Industrial Healthcare in conjunction with an independent German laboratory found that Ansell Sol-Vex gloves offer high protection against epoxy resins.  

Contact dermatitis accounts for up to 95% of all occupational skin diseases across the world, caused primarily by the exposure of skin to epoxy resins.  

A 2003 study of occupational dermatitis established that epoxy resins were the most important relevant allergen in painter groups, and the second most common relevant allergen in the construction industry. The three most commonly affected occupations were floor finishers, process workers and spray painters.  

While gloves were used by only 67.4% of workers, even the gloves failed to provide adequate protection against epoxy resins.  

Epoxy resins are widely used in adhesives, paints, coatings, sealants, fillers, concrete repair, reinforced polymer composites, varnishes, product finishing and laminates.
Workers in the building and construction, printing, publishing and painting industries are mostly at risk of developing occupational dermatitis leading to widespread injury related costs in addition to impacting time, productivity, employee morale and profitability.  

A recent Australian study found that 60% of workers affected by dermatitis had applied for and successfully received workers’ compensation.  

The glove permeation tests conducted by Ansell measured the chemical resistance performance on eight chemical gloves against five commonly used epoxy resins.  

Sol-Vex gloves showed no signs of permeation after eight hours of contact with the epoxy resin, making them an excellent choice for protection against contact dermatitis.  

Gloves made from neoprene, natural rubber or vinyl were not recommended for protection against epoxies.  

The Sol-Vex gloves range is available in multiple options including varying lengths, thicknesses and grip patterns to suit specific applications and size requirements.

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