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AlphaTec chemical resistant gloves available from Ansell

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Ansell  offer a range of chemical resistant gloves and run value-add and information support initiatives such as the Ansell Chemsafe programme. Ansell Chemsafe provides the end user with critical chemical handling advice, support and information. Specware from Ansell is a software tool for selecting the right glove for each chemical.

Specware software tool delivers recommendations supported by detailed test results on chemical permeation and degradation performance for over 160 pure chemicals.

Chemtek, a part of the chemical product portfolio and Specware guide, is a specialised chemical handling glove. The glove range provides the wearer with a high degree of protection against aggressive chemicals. The Chemtek range of chemical handling gloves includes a Butyl and a Butyl/Viton variant.

The Butyl glove is resistant to ester, ketones and oxidising agents including 70% nitric acid and 98% sulphuric acid, while the Butyl/Viton glove provides an extra level of protection over aromatic chemicals and chlorinated solvents.

AlphaTec is another inclusion to the Ansell chemical resistant glove range and to the Specware chart. The AlphaTec chemical resistant glove range delivers advanced chemical protection for user safety as well as better grip performance in wet and oily environments.

The AlphaTec chemical resistant glove uses a patent pending process of bonding the liner to the nitrile shell, which is an alternative to the dipping process that can compromise the shell thickness and overall consistency. It provides a robust chemical barrier that reduces the likelihood of chemical permeation through the glove and onto the skin.

AlphaTec chemical resistant glove also features ‘Ansell Grip technology’, which delivers higher grip performance. This means wearers require less grip force to safely handle objects or components. As a consequence, workers are less likely to be exposed to fatigue related injuries, leading to a safe and more productive workplace.

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