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Wide range optical sampling oscilloscope

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ANRITSU has introduced an optical sampling oscilloscope (OSO) designed with a self-synchronisation feature that enables operation without a separate divided clock input signal.

Supporting a wide repetition frequency range of 4GHz to 500GHz (theoretical value), the OSO can conduct critical tests on high-speed optical communications devices and systems under development.

Anritsu's OSO has no limitations on trigger input ranges, which gives users a level of frequency independence that cannot be achieved with conventional OSOs, all of which have limited ranges for trigger inputs.

The OSO provides pattern synchronisation and burst application capabilities.

The OSO features a modular design that provides users with the flexibility to select sampling heads based upon their current analysis requirements. It also allows the OSO's testing capabilities to expand as the user's needs change.

Modules are installed via the front panel, simplifying operation. Among the modules that can be integrated into the OSO is an independent polarisation plug-in that allows the OSO to detect the slightest degree of polarisation.

Adding to the flexibility of the OSO is a 'virtual' remote control capability. With this feature the OSO can be controlled remotely over an Ethernet/IP network.

Lead time for this product is currently five months after receipt of order.

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