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W-CDMA and GSM area scanners

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article image The W-CDMA and GSM area scanner used on the road.

ANRITSU has introduced the ML8720C and ML8740A precision scanners that can conduct real-time measurements on GSM and W-CDMA signals in densely populated areas.

Both the ML8720C and ML8740A can simultaneously measure GSM and W-CDMA signals from surrounding base stations and provide the performance data necessary to analyse a network's characteristics.

The ML8720C is a handheld standalone instrument with a colour display for measuring GSM and W-CDMA coverage, neighbour cell optimisation, handover measurements and indoor optimisation.

The ML8740A is designed for drive-test applications and can be used with all leading drive-test software.

Rather than use a simpler DSP-based architecture, the ML8720C and ML8740A employ a hardware-based design with AGC (auto gain control) and AFC (auto frequency control).

The scanners also include a matched filter for fast correlation that provides quick channel select and reselect of 10ms/channel for W-CDMA signals.

The result is that the ML8720C and ML8740A have a measurement accuracy of 2dB at speeds to 300km/h, making the units suitable for use on trains. Complementing the matched filter is a noise level of -127dBm.

The ML8720C and ML8740A are designed with two independent rake receivers that can operate simultaneously on independent RF frequencies.

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