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Service tester for 3G handsets

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ANRITSU has introduced the MT8510 service tester, enabling mobile handset manufacturers and service organisations to carry out call processing and RF testing of 3G handsets.

The MT8510 has a fully functional 3GPP protocol stack with integrity and authentication checks that means a commercial handset can be tested directly from the MT8510 unit, without the need for any additional hardware or software.

The MT8510 can test multiple manufacturer's handsets from a single unit.

Designed for the maintenance of 3G handsets, finished handsets on the manufacturing line and repaired handsets on the repair line are given a Pass/Fail and a measured parameter result.

Evaluation of the handset's internal antenna is possible by testing using air connection between the built-in antenna of shield box and handset. This allows the very latest internal antenna designs to be tested easily without the need to strip the handset down to board level or use special RF connectors.

Handset's microphone and speaker tests can be performed through voice echo-back test providing verification that the handset is able to make voice calls and to easily evaluate if there is any significant fault in the speaker or microphone.

The compact design of the MT8510 saves installation space, and its lightweight portable mainframe is easy to carry making it an ideal tool for service testers working out in the field.

The MT8510 is simple to operate. A PC provides an additional remote control capability to the MT8510 and guides the user through three procedures - operator mode for easy operation of the UE test, maintenance mode for maintenance of the MT8510, and an engineer mode for editing test parameters.

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