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Rapid test designer for 3G testing

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ANRITSU has introduced the MX786201A, a rapid test designer (RTD) that reduces the time and complexity involved in creating and running 3G test cases.

The RTD’s user-friendly graphical environment, expert guiding system, library of building blocks and catalogue of common network settings will save wireless equipment manufacturers and network operators time and money - crucial issues for 3G testing.

Unlike traditional graphical test interfaces, the RTD offers an intuitive, fast and interactive graphical environment, making it possible for most engineering staff to develop and run 3G test cases.

The point and click interface uses a standard Internet browser. The graphical user interface (GUI) has a specialist system that guides the user through 3GPP protocols allowing engineers to concentrate on testing user equipment (UE) functions and protocols without needing a detailed knowledge of the protocol layers and the system simulator.

A library of procedural building blocks is available for assembling complex tests. These are configured by setting parameters.

The library contains composite functions that prepare the UE for testing, and elemental functions that allow testing of detailed behaviour. This design removes test case build and compilation phases, allowing users to concentrate on problem areas, rather than testing concepts.

The test case libraries can be used for acceptance, interoperability, integration, application and regression testing.

The RTD provides catalogues of common network settings that can be used for test scenarios that work 'out of the box', or as a starting point for a custom configuration of specific 3G terminals or networks. It also provides interactive error checking on procedures and parameters so that mistakes during test design are picked up as early as possible.

A fully integrated protocol analyser shows the decoded results of the test execution, including the name and content of each field. The RTD protocol analyser is compatible with the MX785201A PTS protocol analyser, allowing test results to be viewed in a consistent way.

The RTD can be linked to a prototype or actual 3GPP user equipment (UE) and consists of a personal computer running Windows 2000 operating system, connected to Anritsu's MD8480B W-CDMA signalling tester, currently the most widely used 3G test platform in the industry.

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