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article image Includes a large capacity ARB memory.

ANRITSU’S new MG3700A vector signal generator supports digital modulation of signals for all major wireless communication systems such as mobile phones and wireless LANs.

With its 160MHz high-speed arbitrary waveform baseband generator, wide vector modulation bandwidth, and large capacity ARB memory, MG3700A has the performance to provide signal generation for future wireless communication systems with wider bandwidths.

The arbitrary waveform generator is a standard function built into the MG3700A. By choosing an arbitrary waveform pattern, a modulation signal can be output and meets the requirement of various communication systems.

There are four kinds of waveform patterns that can be used by the MG3700A:

* The standard built-in waveform pattern

* Various optional waveform patterns

* Optional IQproducer waveform generation software

* Data created by general signal generation software changed into waveform patterns for MG3700A.

Many arbitrary waveform pattern files are pre-recorded, based on parameters conforming to various communication systems that have already been established. Those waveform patterns provided on the hard disk of MG3700A as standard functions can be used freely. Additional waveform patterns are offered as optional software.

The IQproducer waveform generation software conforms to various communication systems. This software performs a parameter set-up of waveform data and can generate an arbitrary waveform pattern file that is downloaded to MG3700A using a LAN connection or a CF (compact flash) memory card.

IQ sample data files (in ASCII format) generated by common EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools can be converted to waveform pattern files for MG3700A using the IQproducer ‘conversion’ function. A custom-made waveform pattern file is generated arbitrarily.

Features include:

* Frequency Range 250kHz to 6GHz

* 250kHz to 3GHz (standard)

* 250kHz to 6GHz (option)

* Wide vector modulation bandwidth

* 120MHz (internal base band generator)

* 150MHz (external IQ input)

* High level accuracy

* +/-0.5dB (absolute level accuracy)

* +/-0.2dB typical (linearity)

* High speed waveform transmission by 100BASE-TX Ethernet

* 40GB hard disk is built-in

* Large capacity baseband memory

* 1GB = 256M samples/channel (standard)

* 2GB = 512 M samples/channel (option)

* Waveform addition function

* Two signals, such as wanted signal plus interfering signal or wanted signal plus AWGN, can be added and outputted

* Standard 20Mbps BER analyser is built-in.

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