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New tri-wavelength µOTDR Module series from Anritsu

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article image Network Master MT9090A/MU909014C/15C µOTDR Module™ Series
Anritsu is pleased to announce the release of a new series of µOTDR Modules for its Network Master MT9090A platform.

This tri-wavelength OTDR is an innovative single tool for the installation and maintenance of optical networks and when compared with larger more expensive OTDRs the new Network Master MT9090A µOTDR MU909014C/15C module series pushes boundaries.

Features of the µOTDR Module series:

  • 2 cm resolution
  • Up to 250,000 data points for accurate mapping of events
  • Dead zones of less than 1 metre
  • Stabilised light source
  • Loss test set
  • Connector inspection microscope options
  • Dynamic range up to 38dB ;and
  • PON-based FTTX networks featuring up to a 1x64 split.

Dynamic range and performance of mid-range pulse widths guarantee the accurate and thorough fibre evaluation of a broad range of network types, while providing enhanced resolution and eliminating the need to test at multiple wavelengths saving time and simplifying testing.

The MT9090A features a compact, lightweight design with user-friendly dimensions of 19cm x 9.6cm x 4.8cm and a weight of only 700g.

This handheld unit is ideal for the outside plant environment and can easily be managed with one hand.  

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