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New era of signal analysers

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article image Signature -- innovative signal analyser.

ANRITSU has introduced Signature (model MS2781A), an innovative signal analyser with performance, capabilities and simplicity that redefines the high end signal analyser market.

Designed with power not previously available in a signal analyser, Signature provides the spectrum and signal analysis tools engineers require to design and manufacture advanced RF and Microwave communications systems, including WLAN, 3G, and 4G.

Signature has been developed with a new and advanced architecture that provides unique spectrum analyser performance as well as digital modulation analysis over the 100Hz to 8GHz frequency range.

In addition the architecture provides an optional 30MHz resolution bandwidth for capturing, measuring and analyzing wide modulation bandwidth signals.

The architecture also provides an open Windows environment allowing popular simulation and analysis tools to be easily integrated into the analyser.

The Windows XP environment, with its familiar drop down menus and tool bars, also creates an instrument that is much easier to use.

The MS2781A delivers high-end performance in both spectrum analysis or vector signal analysis capability, there are no trade offs between either modes.

One of the reasons for this is the state of the art architecture utilising a 9.5GHz to 17.5GHz synthesised first local oscillator (LO) and 9.5GHz IF. This fundamental mixing approach allows the entire 100 Hz to 8 GHz frequency range to be measured in one sweep, without band switching or preselection.

As a result of this design approach, Signature offers improved sensitivity, intermodulation distortion (TOI), and better dynamic range over comparable signal analysers. Signature has TOI of +23dBm, DANL of <-147dBm, and typical amplitude accuracy of <0.65dB over the entire frequency range.

For digital modulation analysis, Signature, optionally, has measurements for error vector magnitude (EVM), carrier leakage, and I/Q imbalance, all without a separate computer and post processing.

The signal analyser has >80dB WCDMA ACPR (typical) and 2% EVM. A 30MHz IF bandwidth option is also available.

Anritsu has designed Signature in an open Windows XP environment so it can facilitate the exchange of simulated and measured data necessary to accurately analyse today's complex digital modulation.

Users can easily design new or proprietary digital modulations by adding the MATLAB Connectivity Option. The option allows live update viewing of MATLAB(c) processed results with measurements.

Signature allows charting of data right within the instrument. Users can easily integrate measured traces into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files for reporting purposes.

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