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New WLAN test set

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article image A one-box test set.

THE Anritsu MT8860B is the only protocol-based WLAN test set dedicated to testing WLAN devices that conform to IEEE 802.11 standards.

The MT8860B is an integrated and dedicated one-box test set, providing a high-speed measurement solution that is suitable for both production testing and design proving.

The MT8860B replaces existing test systems that typically require power meters, spectrum analysers and Gold Radios with external attenuators.

The result is a test instrument that is faster to integrate in to production, offers a universal solution for all WLAN chip sets, and is simpler to maintain and calibrate.

The MT8860B reduces test system costs, increases production throughput and delivers the most flexible WLAN test system available.

The user interface is implemented through the supplied LANLook software package. LANLook runs on a standard PC and uses a conventional Windows interface for both instrument configuration and results displays that are provided in sophisticated numerical and graphical formats. LANLook communicates with the MT8860B through a GPIB interface.

Features and benefits

* Integrated test set for 802.11b/g transmitter and receiver measurements.

* Universal solution for all WLAN chip sets.

* Shorter test system design time.

* Packet loopback feature for simplified DUT transmitter measurements.

* Built-in reference radio for calibrated receiver Packet Error Ratio (PER) measurements.

* High-speed transmitter measurements including power burst profile, spectral mask and CCDF.

* Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) measurements with constellation diagrams.

* LANLook software for instrument configuration and results display.

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