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New MS2690A series Signal analysers from Anritsu

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MS2690/91A models are a high performance, high specification products for next generation communications applications.

The MS2690A (50Hz to 6GHz) - MS2691A (50Hz to 13.5GHz) series signal analysers can incorporate a signal generator, and RNC simulator, turning the solution into a hassle free, plug and play, one box solution.

Based on high-performance spectrum analysers supporting wideband FFT vector analysis (31.25MHz, extended to 120MHz in near future) the MS269X series is a generation more powerful, 20 times faster and 30% smaller than previous generations.

The analyser’s unique, extendable, cutting edge, modular architecture produces the accurate measurements and offers the wide dynamic range available.

A series of options enable the support of modulation analysis, vector signal generation, and BER measurement with high-speed and high accuracy.

These dramatically reduce cost and TACT (Total Average Cycle Time) at device evaluation, meaning this single box solution raises the standard for signal analysers beyond anything currently available.

The MS269XA series Signal analysers from Anritsu supports the development and manufacturing of, infrastructure equipment and components and will support mobile devices across many applications within GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, WiMAX and HSPA.

The analysers are also ideal for LTE (Long Term Evolution) and 4G application testing.

The wideband FFT analysis (31.25MHz extended to 120MHz in the near future) supports high-speed continuous measurement, capturing a multitude of measurements such as CCDF, frequency vs. time, spectrum, and power vs. time.

The built-in digitising function that captures the RF signal will dramatically increase the efficiency of product development and the installation of modulation software supports modulation analysis in each communication system and the measurement of each specification.

  • Frequency coverage up to 26.5GHz
  • MS2690A - 50 Hz to 6GHz Signal analyser
  • MS2691A - 50 Hz to 13.5GHz Signal analyser
  • MS2692A - 50 Hz to 26.5GHz Signal analyser (available soon)
  • Advanced architecture provides top-of-the-line RF performance
  • Class leading Vector signal analysis function combines speed and reliable RF performance
  • High accuracy digitiser function captures RF signal without loss
  • 120MHz analysis bandwidth (available soon)
  • DL-MAP decode - “plug and play” mobile WiMAX measurement


  • Ideal dynamic range:

Perfect dynamic range (displayed avg. noise level -155 dBm/Hz@2 GHz, TOI +22 dBm@2 GHz) reduces accessories required for spurious test system, and makes testing simple and low cost.

  • 120 MHz Analysis bandwidth:

An optional 120 MHz Analysis Bandwidth supports evaluation of 4G transmissions that require bandwidth over 100 MHz.

It offers a perfect accuracy of level and modulation analysis up to 6 GHz (with built-in calibrated signal source). A high-performance built-in vector signal generator (option) covers frequencies up to 6 GHz with 120 MHz RF variable bandwidth and good ACLR performance.

  • High-speed modulation analysis:

Employing advanced FFT techniques and a high-speed CPU, the MS269XA series is now able to offer a 20x increase in measurement speed when measuring across a number of technologies such as GSM, CDMA or OFDM. This increased efficiency substantially cuts the total average cycle time in manufacturing.

  • High-speed external interface:

Test systems can be configured faster by using bundled Gigabit Ethernet, GPIB and USB 2.0 that support high-speed remote control and external data transmission.

  • DL-MAP Decode:

The MS269X series also features automatic “plug and play” programming to enable the measurement of mobile WiMAX signals. By analysing DL-MAP, WiMAX signals can be measured without knowing the parameters of the signal.

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