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article image Improved perfomance, updated interfaces.

ANRITSU has released the 37000D series of Lightning vector network analysers (VNAs), these models covering four frequency ranges up to 65GHz.

The new series deliver improved performance, updated interfaces, expanded software applications, and Ethernet connectivity.

Their overall performance makes these VNAs well suited for measuring active and passive devices used in emerging applications, such as high-speed wireless networks and Ka-Band satellite communications systems, during R&D and production.

The 37300D is a premium series that has four models covering 20GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, and 65GHz.

Designed for measuring S-parameters of active and passive devices such as amplifiers, mixers, and up/down converters, these two-port VNAs include step attenuators, bias tees, extended level control, and power sweep as standard features.

Dynamic range is improved to 108dB at 20GHz, 101dB at 40GHz, and 95dB at 50GHz.

For applications requiring analysis of only passive devices, Anritsu developed the Lightning 37200D economy series. Also consisting of four models at 20GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, and 65GHz, these two-port VNAs conduct highly accurate S-parameter tests on filters, isolators, circulators, and attenuators.

The Lightning 37200D series has been enhanced with a high power switch filter that matches the output power of the 37300D series. The result is improved system dynamic range - by as much as 20dB in some bands. The 37200D VNAs are economical choices for passive applications where power control is not required.

All of the 37000D series models have an option for front panel loops. With the Flexible Test Set option, users have direct access to all four receiver channels. It also includes two source auxiliary loops to add external amplifiers for higher source power. The option is especially useful for measuring mixers, antennas, and integrating external test sets.

The inclusion of an Ethernet port provides a number of benefits. It allows for fast data transfer and enables remote operation of the VNA from anywhere. To activate this capability, the VNAs have a new menu that includes IP addressing enabling direct network connectivity.

Two new integrated software applications come standard with the new Lightning series. An NxN calibration utility provides complete menus to perform error correction calibration for mixer measurements. It guides the user through measurement of three mixer pairs, with one mixer selected as the reference.

The embed/de-embed application allows embedding/de-embedding of complete S2P networks for in-fixture measurements. Embedding/de-embedding can also be applied to a calibration and saved to the VNA's hard drive or a disk for future measurements.

A number of accessories are also available for use with the new series. The NavigatorT Multiport software, which can be downloaded free, provides a Windows-based user interface for single-ended and balanced differential S-parameter measurements.

Other accessories include coax calibration kits, AutoCal modules, optoelectronic calibration modules, and multiport test sets up to 65GHz.

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