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ANRITSU has introduced the MS2711D Spectrum Master, a handheld spectrum analyser that delivers improved sweep speed, and is designed with a built-in pre-amplifier that increases the analyser's sensitivity and dynamic range.

The overall performance and design of the MS2711D make it suitable for field technicians who need to quickly locate, identify, record, and solve problems during the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of today's wireless systems.

The MS2711D, covers a specified range of 100kHz to 3GHz, has an industry-best =-135dBm noise floor that makes it very effective in measuring the low-level signals used in many of today's wireless systems.

Full span sweeps from 9kHz to 3GHz can be performed in =1.1 seconds, while the sweep speed in zero span can be set from <50μs up to 20 seconds.

The high sweep speed, which is the fastest available in a handheld spectrum analyser, allows intermittent interference signals to be captured with a high degree of accuracy.

The MS2711D's AM/FM/SSB demodulator further improves a user's ability to identify interfering signals.

Another benefit of the MS2711D is its ability to tolerate input signals up to +43dBm without any damage. This capability ensures the MS2711D will perform in the harshest RF environments.

Complementing this capability is the spectrum analyser's dynamic attenuation feature, which tracks the input signal level and automatically adjusts the input attenuation level to protect the MS2711D in the performance of high RF signal levels.

It also enhances the spectrum analyser's sensitivity in applications where there is low-level RF signal input.

Taking advantage of the widely accepted Spectrum Master design, the MS2711D has a simple multilingual user interface that allows key measurements to be made with a single button.

Among the one-button measurements are field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), carrier to interference ratio (C/I), and interference analysis.

A full range of marker functions - including peak, centre, and delta are available with the MS2711D. For simplified amplitude measurements, the MS2711D is equipped with limit lines that allow users to create quick pass/fail measurements.

Housed in a rugged chassis, the MS2711D has been designed to withstand the harsh environments and terrain associated with field use. It weighs less than 2.3kgs, making it one of the lightest handheld spectrum analysers on the market.

It features a large high-resolution LCD display as well as an optional colour display, both of which make viewing results simple. The MS2711D also comes with a rechargeable/field-replaceable battery, ac/dc power supply, and automobile power adapter.

The MS2711D measurement capability can be expanded through an optional power measurement feature, and an optional transmission measurement capability that allows a user to view the frequency response characteristics of two-port frequency devices.

An optional internal bias T is also available to drive active devices-under-test such as amplifiers.

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