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article image High performance, easy configurability.

ANRITSU has introduced the MG3690B series of synthesisers that provide best-in-class power, faster switching speed, and improved phase tracking measurement capability.

Covering up to 325GHz with mmW modules, the MG3690B combines high performance, easy configurability, making it well suited for a variety of signal source applications.

The MG3690B is the highest power synthesiser, with +17dBm of available power at 20GHz as standard, and +23dBm as an option. This is an improvement of more than 50% compared to the next comparable synthesiser.

At 40GHz, the high power MG3690B delivers +19dBm and +13dBm at 50GHz. Refer to the figure (right) for typical output power on a high power MG3690B.

For the manufacturing environment where throughput is critical, the MG3690B has improved its switching time by greater than 50%. Typical switching time for a 1 GHz step is 5 ms, when not crossing any dwell frequencies.

The improved frequency switching speed reduces test times, making the MG3690B well suited for integration into automated test stations.

For phase sensitive measurements where the output of the synthesiser needs to track the phase of the reference signal, the MG3690B offers a selectable reference signal bandwidth.

This allows a better compromise between phase tracking capability, and phase noise immunity from a noisy reference signal.

Six coaxial models are available in the MG3690B series. The models cover a variety of frequency ranges from 0.1Hz to 65GHz, operational to 67GHz. With the addition of new 63850-xx series banded waveguide multipliers, the frequency range can be extended 325GHz.

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