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ANRITSU has introduced the S331D and S332D site master cable and antenna analysers that make it easy to conduct highly accurate return loss/SWR, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements on wireless networks.

The S331D and S332D allow wireless network technicians to quickly and accurately evaluate the health and status of installed transmission lines and antenna systems before a major failure occurs, while also expediting the benchmarking of new cell site installations during commissioning.

The new site master models are designed with Anritsu's unique FlexCal broadband calibration feature. FlexCal simplifies the troubleshooting of cable and antenna systems because it eliminates the need for multiple instrument calibrations and calibration set-ups.

With a 25MHz to 4GHz measurement range, the analysers cover all cell site frequency ranges with no extra plug-ins or modules.

The S331D and S332D feature +17dBm on-channel and -5dBm on-frequency immunity-to-interference, allowing accurate, repeatable measurements in high RF-noise environments. Increased cell tower density means immunity-to-interference is important.

The analysers also feature sweep speed of <500msec per sweep that enables easy identification of intermittent, real-time problems. Distance measurement resolution and fault location are optimised by the S331D and S332D's 130, 259, and 517 data points.

The S331D and S332D are easy to operate. New one-button measurement capabilities include interference analysis and carrier-to-interference ratio (C/I).

As many as 70 signal standards are built into the S331D and S332D, which simplifies measurements by eliminating the need to perform channel-to-frequency translation.

To reduce coverage holes and interference, the S331D and S332D feature an optional built-in power meter that allows power measurements to be made without the need for external sensors.

The internal circuitry gives the S331D and S332D a broadband capability allowing users to specify exact frequency ranges to measure power without the limitations of a wideband power sensor.

For applications that require the analysis and identification of over-the-air interference and transmitter characteristics, the S332D adds a full range of spectrum analysis capabilities to the cable and antenna analysis capabilities.

With amplitude sensitivity of <-135dBm, the S332D can examine low-level interference and reverse link signals. It can also conduct interference analysis measurements so that a received signal can be analysed, and a signal standard and bandwidth can be displayed. This makes it much easier for a technician to understand interference problems.

The S331D model optionally offers fully function E1/T1 BERT analysis, simplifying the task of determining if the source of problems is on the wireline or the wireless side.

The S331D/S332D feature the site master design, which includes a rugged and reliable chassis, intuitive soft key menu, multilingual user interface, and large high resolution display.

Anritsu now offers an optional colour display with both models, this recommended primarily for use in indoor light conditions. Both models weigh less than 2.3kgs and measure just 254 x 178 x 61mm.

In addition to the S331D and S332D models, Anritsu has announced the release of a new version of their hand held spectrum analyser, the model MS2711D.

Featuring the same footprint as the site master models, the MS2711D spectrum master offers a noise floor of <135dBm, +43dBm maximum safe input power and a full span sweep of <1.1sec.

The MS2711D is available with a colour display for crisper trace representations in indoor light environments and a built-in bias tee for biasing amplifiers under test.

A frequency converter controller module is available with the MS2711D to drive proprietary frequency extension modules, as is an internal signal source (tracking generator) for transmission measurements. The MS2711D also offers an internal power meter for accurate power measurement.

Like the site master models, the MS2711D's internal memory stores up to ten test set-ups and 200 measurement traces. The stored data can be downloaded to a PC or printer via an RS-232 serial cable (or via a proprietary USB to serial adapter cable).

A notebook computer can be used with the RS-232 interface for automated control and data collection in the field.

Anritsu Handheld Software Tools is a powerful data analysis software that comes with every MS2711D (and all site master models). This software allows the user to print professional reports documenting measurements and saving the traces for future comparison.

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