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Bluetooth test set with audio analysis

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ANRITSU has introduced the MT8852A Bluetooth test set, the first instrument that combines full audio test capability per the Bluetooth audio specification with the ability to perform radio layer measurements according to the Bluetooth RF test specification.

The MT8852A is also the only test instrument that supports all three codec interfaces on up to three Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) channels; making it a tool for verifying the performance of Bluetooth chipsets, modules, and consumer products at the development and production stages.

By supporting the CVSD, m-Law, and A-Law codec interfaces, the MT8852A is the first single instrument solution for analysing Bluetooth devices offering audio paths, including headsets, audio gateways, car consoles, and standard telephony products.

Among the tests that can be performed with the MT8852A are: correct establishment of the audio channel, frequency response and audio distortion.

The MT8852A also supports HV1, HV2, and HV3 SCO audio packets for full audio test functionality.

Additionally, by supporting all three codec standards, the MT8852A eliminates the need for Bluetooth developers to design, build, and calibrate their own combiner/switching units to integrate separate test instruments.

The result is more efficient use of developers' time and more accurate measurements.

Further reducing the need for additional instruments is the MT8852A's built-in 1kHz tone generator, which can rapidly approve the audio path.

A remote loopback facility allows the test set to loopback audio packets from equipment under test (EUT) for EUT full path testing without adding any additional distortion within the MT8852A itself.

The MT8852A's EUT control port allows the EUT to have its audio status initialised by the test set.

These audio analysis capabilities complement the MT8852A's RF measurement capability. The test set can analyse RF power, frequency, modulation, and receiver sensitivity (BER/FER) in accordance with RF test specification V0.91.

In addition to conducting standard measurements according to Bluetooth specification, the MT8850A can be configured to run custom test scripts.

It provides full user control of a variety of test parameters, including test frequency, frequency hopping ON or OFF, and the number of measured bits/packets looped back in a test.

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