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Analogue options for signal generators

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ANRITSU has introduced a full suite of analogue modulation and sweep options for its MG3690A series, a family of signal generators that provides phase noise and pulse performance in a sleek design.

The addition of frequency, phase, pulse and amplitude modulation capabilities make the MG3690A series suitable for applications ranging from component manufacturing to laboratory signal simulation.

All four modulation options can be driven internally via low frequency and pulse generators, or externally.

By offering each modulation capability separately, users can configure the synthesiser to satisfy existing needs, while also having an easy and affordable upgrade path as requirements expand in the future.

The synthesisers can be configured for individual analysis - such as AM, FM/FM, PM, external/internal or analogue sweep - or can be fully loaded to conduct all these measurements.

The versatility and flexibility of the MG3690A series is complemented by the signal generators' performance. Specifying performance down to 10Hz offset, the MG3690A series offers the lowest phase noise in the broadband synthesiser category.

The signal generators are also claimed to produce the industry's best pulse performance, evident by the minimum pulse width of 1ms at <2GHz and 100ns at >2GHz.

All the models in the MG3690A series achieve frequency resolution of 0.01Hz over the full frequency range, with a variable phase offset that can be adjusted in 0.1* increments.

The MG3690A series currently offer the widest frequency coverage in a single instrument. Six models covering 0.1Hz to 65GHz are available in the MG3690A series; external waveguide multipliers that extend the frequency range to >110GHz are also available.

For vector modulation applications, an IF input that up-converts an external IQ-modulated IF signal to 40GHz is available.

The models in the MG3690A series can act as CW sources of single RF and microwave frequencies or as analogue or digitally swept sources, sweeping either frequency or power, or both.

As a CW source, the generators feature as many as 20 independent markers to set independent CW frequencies.

When used as a sweeper, the MG3690A synthesizers allow sweep widths to be set from 0.1 Hz-65GHz. The number of sweep steps can be adjusted from 10 to 10,000, with every frequency step in the range phase locked.

The MG3690A series is designed with Anritsu's "millennium package" that combines refined ergonomics and aesthetics with intuitive menus and controls in a small 3μ package.

The design of the MG3690A series - as well as a COM-based interchangeable virtual instrument (IVI) driver - makes the signal generators suitable for ATE environments.

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