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FL920 spectrometers manufactured by Edinburgh Instruments and provided by Anri Instruments & Controls are modular computer controlled fluorescent units based on L-geometry hardware configurations. These spectrometers utilise time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) to measure time resolved luminescence spectra and luminescence lifetimes spanning across a range of 100 pico-seconds to 10 micro-seconds. The FL920 offers pinpoint accuracy.

Features of these spectrometers include:

  • High dynamic range and temporal resolution
  • PC plug-in for TCSPC
  • Full computer control through Windows (XP and VISTA 32 bit) software
  • Full data reconvolution using a non-linear least square fitting routine
  • F900 software for comprehensive spectrometer control, data acquisition and decay curve analysis

The basis configuration for these FL920 spectrometers include the following hardware:

  • Nanosecond pulsed flash lamp, 1ns FWHM pulse duration
  • Supplied with driver and start synchronisation photomultiplier, gas filling and vacuum pumping station
  • Excitation monochromator: 300 mm focal length
  • Czerny-Turner design triple grating turret facility with computer controlled wavelength selection and adjustable slits
  • Versatile sample chamber with integral controller, safety shatters, signal attenuator and filter holders
  • Emission monochromator: 300 mm focal length

FL920 spectrometers feature a sophisticated and comprehensive design to provide a solid and robust performance.

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