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BRONKHORST High-Tech's new CORI-FLOW series of mass flow metering instruments is now available from Anri Instruments & Controls.

CORI-FLOW utilises a patented, advanced Coriolis type mass flow sensor to achieve high performance, even with changing operating conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity.

The Coriolis technology allows direct mass measurement independent of fluid properties. The CORI-FLOW contains two parallel tube loops, forming part of an oscillating system.

When a fluid flows through the tubes, Coriolis forces cause a variable phase shift between the loops, which is detected by sensors and fed into the integrally mounted pc-board. The resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate.

CORI-FLOW is offered with integral control valve and analogue and digital communication, RS-232 with Profibus-DP or DeviceNet.

There are four compact models covering flow rates from 20g/h up to 600kg/h.

The CORI-FLOW instruments are suited for a variety of applications in semiconductor processing, food and beverage industries, and (petro-) chemical installations.

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