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Portable photosynthesis system with enhanced performance and features from Anri Instruments & Controls

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Anri Instruments & Controls  introduces the new LCpro-SD range of gas exchange systems in Australia and New Zealand.  

Manufactured by ADC BioScientific Ltd, a world leader in the design and manufacture of plant science research instrumentation, the LCpro-SD is a range of extremely user-friendly and portable photosynthesis systems designed for advanced field experimentation.  

The truly portable and affordable photosynthesis measurement system offers full experimental programming and environmental control. The LCpro-SD portable photosynthesis system enables sophisticated photosynthesis experiments such as A/Ci curves and light response curves to be easily performed in previously impractical locations.  

An expanded range of easily interchangeable leaf chamber heads allows the LCpro-SD to be used for diverse field applications including a wide range of plant leaves and whole plants while a soil chamber is provided for field respiration experimentation.  

Key features of the LCpro-SD gas exchange systems:  

  • Provides full automatic and enhanced control of the environmental conditions within the plant leaf chamber
  • Accurately controls CO2, H2O, temperature and PAR parameters
  • All environmental control facilities are contained within the single, lightweight console
  • Advanced infrared gas analysis technology
  • Enhanced field gas exchange performance includes extended measurement range, faster response times and less instability caused by ambient CO2 fluctuations  
  • Lightweight at only 5kg
  • Battery operated system functions for up to 16 hours from a single charge
  • Enhanced graphic display capabilities for real time experimental viewing
  • Data stored on removable SD cards can be reviewed on the graphic display and downloaded directly via USB or RS232

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