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Portable Gas Exchange System with Extended CO2 Range from Anri Instruments & Controls

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Anri Instruments & Controls  announces the release of a new extended CO2 range gas exchange system suitable for both plant physiology and soil science.  

The LCpro+ is the first truly portable and affordable gas exchange system with full environmental control and a graphic display.  

Designed and manufactured by ADC BioScientific Pty Ltd, world leaders in environmental research instrumentation, the LCpro+ is now available with either a 0-2000ppm or 0-3000ppm CO2 range.  

The LCpro+ portable gas exchange system provides full automatic and independent control of the environmental conditions within the plant leaf chamber. This includes CO2, H2O, temperature and PAR. All environmental control facilities are contained within the single compact and lightweight console.  

Weighing only 5kg, the LCpro+ is less than half the size and weight of traditional systems. The battery-operated gas exchange system can function continually for up to 16 hours from a single charge.  

Sophisticated photosynthesis experiments such as A/Ci curves and light response curves can now be easily performed in previously unconsidered field sites.  

Featuring the very latest in infrared gas analysis technology, the LCpro+ CO2 and H2O analysis system is housed directly in the leaf chamber head ensuring the fastest possible response time.  

A range of easily interchangeable leaf chamber heads means that the LCpro+ can be used on the widest possible variety of plant species for minimal cost. An interchangeable soil chamber is also available for field soil respiration experimentation.  

This powerful yet affordable research instrument will prove an invaluable tool in enhancing our understanding of world crop efficiency and a host of global environmental issues.

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