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Precise, compact and fast; those were the objectives for the engineers at Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. for their new digital mass flow meters for liquids. The result is the product series LIQUI-FLOW L10/L20.

As successor to the successful analogue LIQUI-FLOW series L1/L2, the new instruments are available within the range of 0.1 g/h and 1 kg/h as either a flow meter or, with optional control valve, as a compact flow controller. The pressure rating for the instruments is 100 bar. The stainless steel sensor has negligible internal volume and no moving parts. The instruments are metal sealed. As the sensor elements are not in direct contact with the liquid, the sensor is suitable for aggressive fluids.

Calibration of the mass flow meters/controllers can be performed for virtually every liquid, and up to 8 calibration curves can be stored onboard the instrument itself. In addition, the digital instruments feature fast response (T98 approx. 50 milliseconds) and high precision (1% FS or better).

The instruments have analogue I/O-signals and also an RS232 connection as a standard feature. In addition, there is the possibility of integrating an interface board with DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Modbus or FLOW-BUS protocol.

Flow control can be achieved by utilising the integrated PID-control function on the liquid flow meter in combination with an optional control valve or pulsation free rotary positive displacement pump. Due to its small dimensions, the sensor can also be applied in OEM- systems, for instance in analytical applications, in customer specific designs.

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