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Low-cost, low-maintenance CO2 monitor

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article image Displays gas concentrations on an LED panel.

ANRI Instruments & Controls has released a low-cost, low-maintenance carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor for atmospheres in enclosed areas. Edinburgh Sensors’ Guardian Plus is designed for wall mounting. It continually monitors CO2 levels in enclosed areas where concentrations may exceed safe levels.

It is suitable for use in breweries, fermentation rooms, transport containers and poorly ventilated working areas. Other applications include food processing, safety monitoring, combustion processes, landfill, exhaust emissions, energy management, incubator and horticulture control, atmosphere control of greenhouses, mushroom farms and plant growth chambers, monitoring indoor air quality and optimising air conditioning efficiency.

The unit monitors CO2 from 0-1000ppm and 0-100% and displays gas concentrations on an LED panel. An alarm function activates when pre-set concentrations are exceeded.

Edinburgh Sensors use a dual-wavelength NDIR design incorporating two filters and a matched twin element detector. This technique provides long-term measurement stability because it compensates for variations of instrument signal levels such as those caused by source ageing or optical contamination. Both the sample and reference channels will be affected equally and therefore will not change the ratio.

The Guardian Plus is gas-specific and does not exhibit cross-sensitivity with other gases. It does not interact with the gas being measured and hence does not consume anything and it cannot be poisoned by a high concentration of gases. The Guardian Plus has no moving parts.

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